Thank you for an amazing day! We’re not done!

To everyone who shared their #WearYourSuperheroes photos and words of encouragement for Adalina and Leanna: Thank you so much! To say that we are overwhelmed by your response would be an extraordinary understatement.

Although I don’t think they totally understand the impact that their idea had, or just how many people came together to support them, I can say with certainty that the girls had a blast today. More importantly, you helped us achieve our goal of enabling Leanna to “wear her superheroes” with confidence!

After talking with her this evening, I realized that she didn’t see this day as being about her. It was simply a celebration. She told me that she was excited that everyone got to dress up as their favorite superhero, and I could tell how happy she was that there were so many other people who share her interests.

Today was a lot of fun for us grown-ups too, and we’ve had several people tell us that they’d like to do this again, so that’s what we’re going to do.

Since this page is just for a one-day event, we’ve created a separate Facebook page called Wear Your Superheroes that we’ll be using to coordinate future events and share even more photos and stories. Please “like” it so we can stay in touch!

We’re also going to maintain the Wear Your Superheroes website, which will continue to display #WearYourSuperheroes photos, as well as our accounts on Twitter (@WearSuperheroes) and Instagram (@wearyoursuperheroes).

Our immediate plans are to do something fun for Halloween, and we also want to make Wear Your Superheroes Day an annual event. However, if you’re celebrating an event of your own, or if you want to show off a costume you’ve created, we invite you to share your photos with us at any time!

Thanks again for making this a fun and uplifting day!


Tom, Mindy, and Stacy